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The company was founded 1994 in Haan in Germany. Since then the company was active in different business fields such as the development of product displays and international trade. Throughout all those years our focus always laid on the principle: Passion in Excellence. Today, we are an European wholesaler that sources high quality products from all over the world. Our customers in Europe are mainly online merchants that serve many different customer segments with their products.

The people behind DUO-International are experienced managers that have extensive strengths in different areas.

We Stand For Quality

  • DUO-International is an internationally operating procurement company for high quality products.
  • We are a wholesaler with mainly online merchants as customers.
  • We are looking for partners, not suppliers.
  • Our business builds on long term relationships with suppliers.
  • To be excellent, accurate and honest in business is the foundation for partnering.
  • We simply want to deliver best value to our clients as well as partners.